XT29 is the combination of 14 exercises that will be repeated twice in two rounds. We always start with a lower body exercise, then a core exercise and a cardio exercise. Then upper body, core and cardio and so on. Always and as far as possible, this methodology is followed until reaching 28 exercises with the structure of 40 seconds of exercise execution and 20 seconds of recovery. Exercise number 29 is called CHALLENGE and it is to perform a global exercise for 1 minute. At the beginning of the session we will carry out a mobility work of 5 minutes. At the end of the session we will carry out a compensation work with yoga asanas with a duration of 10 minutes.

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Origin, Mind and Holistic were the first training programs. Over the years we have innovated to develop new programs that adapt to the needs of our clients. All of them are the gateway to the XT29 in some of its many possibilities as an integrated training system.

It contains simple exercises that promote integrated development: from the cardiovascular system, to the most diverse muscle groups, to achieve resistance, strength, flexibility and speed, that is, the four basic qualities of physical condition.

It has similar effects but they aim more at flexibility, balance, coordination, proprioception, body and mind fusion through exercises that reproduce little complex yoga asanas in their performance, chosen to encompass the integral improvement of the whole body. , including coordinating qualities..

As its name indicates, it is a totalizing plan, whose exercises have a greater degree of complexity than those of Origin and also allow an increase in the intensity of work.

Fun and effective session designed with dance moves and other elements of muscular work, all perfectly synchronized to the rhythm of the music to make you vibrate and feel full of energy. Easy to follow with a clear methodology. You will enjoy it very much together !!!

Session designed to obtain the maximum benefits in a short time. In just 29 minutes and with your body as the only equipment we will do high intensity exercises, involving many muscle groups, specially designed for muscle activation and increased metabolic rate with the aim of increasing caloric intake not only during the session but during hours later, thus extending the benefits. We will use the latest metabolic training formats that demonstrate to provide the best results such as AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible), EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) or Tabata among others.
The benefits you will get with XT29 METBOLIC:
• Optimization of training time.
• Improvement of body composition. Increased muscle and reduced body fat.
• Increased secretion of hormones related to fat loss
• High caloric consumption.
• COPD effect, high calorie consumption after training.

Specific training to sculpt different body areas in a localized way. Working in a HIIT format, high intensity interval training, each session will focus on different areas and muscle groups in order to have a specific impact and obtain the results of muscle definition. We will sculpt the body with a selection of the most effective exercises for different body areas, obtaining the best results in just 29 minutes. We will combine the exercises in an optimal way to stimulate your muscles and achieve your maximum potential with different approaches… .XT29 SHAPE for upper body, XT29 SHAPE glutes and legs, XT29 SHAPE abdomen
The benefits that you will get XT29 SHAPE are:
• Toning of the muscle groups worked on in the session.
• Improvement of appearance through muscle definition in these areas.
• Improvement of muscular resistance.
• Loss of fat.

Cardio & abs

Muscle recovery and compensation


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